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5 Software Solutions for a Busy Dentist Office


Dentist Computer Software


Gone are the days when a sole practitioner could know clients by name and store their information in a single file cabinet. Most dental hygiene offices have many patients and sometimes multiple practitioners and hygienists.


However, even smaller practices have a duty to ensure the most accurate record keeping and efficient customer service possible.


Computer software solutions help to make that possible and there are a number of excellent packages designed specifically to meet the needs of the dental health community.


Here are five such software solutions especially good for use in a busy practice:


Curve Dental


One of the main concerns of any practice with mounds of data is computer reliability. What if your hard drive crashes and you don’t have a back-up of your patient data?


Cloud storage is an excellent remedy and Curve Dental allows practitioners to send digital images from an array of devices directly to the cloud. That way, if disaster should strike, you need not worry about the practice’s most important resource. Curve’s easy-to-use software also offers efficient options for charting, scheduling, credit card processing, billing, and online patient forms.


Ace Dental


Practice management can be overwhelming without the right program to keep everything organized and accessible. There are a number of options to choose from here, but Ace Dental offers more features than most of them. Fortunately, ease of use is one of this program’s strongest assets.


Patient records are a snap to retrieve, and the system provides other pertinent data with little more than a single mouse click per inquiry. Your appointment schedule also has all of the necessary treatment details included. This safeguards against confusion over who is appearing at what time, and what they require. Ace also makes the organization and sending of insurance claims simple, and that allows administrative staff to devote their shift time to other important duties.




Denticon is another cloud-based option that offers excellent storage and retrieval options. It assists with both administrative and clinical treatment components, providing ample room for the inclusion of detailed patient treatment histories and insurance details.


In a nice touch, Denticon helps to revive a bit of the old-time service feel from days past. Practitioners can include personalized messages on patient statements that provide handy reminders of treatment methods or other important details discussed during appointments. It also incorporates a number of other useful features, and solid security ensures patient confidentiality.




Some dental procedures require patients to use medication for a period afterward. Keeping track of such information is tricky, but Dentrix streamlines things and makes the sending and tracing of prescriptions much easier.


The program also offers a flexible and efficient practice management system that will more than suffice for most office needs and patient rosters.


Carestream Dental


You would be hard-pressed to find a dental professional not in favor of making digital dental imaging and software more efficient and easy to use. Carestream Dental has risen to that challenge and succeeded by providing a system that meets these needs through greater speed and accuracy.


Carestream’s eConnections also helps to consolidate online marketing, appointment reminders, and patient solutions, allowing a practice to consolidate many different responsibilities into a single dashboard.  This makes marketing and return on investment decisions much easier to consider.



Once you have the software side of the business sorted out, don’t forget to address your dental hygiene gear. Using the latest and most effective equipment guarantees that you and your staff deliver the latest in oral health care.


Browse our latest catalog or contact our knowledgeable staff to learn more about how Sable Industries can help your practice continue to meet and exceed your patients’ expectations. 

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Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth

When someone smiles, what is the first thing you look at? For many dental hygienists, and the public, it is the person’s teeth, particularly if they are brilliantly white or if there is something stuck in them. In addition to maintaining appearances, oral hygiene is essential to preventing gum disease, cavities, et cetera, which have a significant effect on oral health.


As you are aware, diet plays an important role in oral hygiene and health. While dental hygienists know the specifics behind which foods are good and bad for their teeth, many patients forget and require reminding. This is why we have compiled some of the information regarding two of the worst types of food for teeth as well as two of the best, including examples. Be sure to review this information with patients regularly. Their oral health will skyrocket if you do!


Sugary and Chewy Food


The sugar in food, especially refined sugar, is prime fodder for bad bacteria. The sugars often become acid, which is how cavities in your teeth get started. Some sugary drinks, such as pop, are your teeth’s worst enemy, particularly when it comes to eroding the enamel.


Worst Food for Teeth


Chewy food, on the other hand, is not good for your patient’s teeth because of how pieces are more likely to stick to them for longer. This makes eating gummy candy even worse for you, since the longer food sticks around in your mouth, the higher the potential for cavities becomes.


Be sure to remind patients of the effects of refined sugar and chewy food like gummy candy on their enamel and overall oral health. Of course, not everyone will be able to avoid them entirely. Thus, review best practices for oral hygiene, such as how to brush/floss and how often clients should floss) with each patient.


Acidic Food


As a dental hygienist, you are aware how highly acidic foods, such as lemons and pickles and drinks like alcohol and coffee, are among the worst for your teeth if you are not careful when consuming them. Remind patients about the effects beyond discolouration, which many are aware of. Put particular emphasis on sensitivity, cavities, and tooth decay. After all, stopping the issues as soon as possible helps prevent serious issues down the line.


Dairy Products


As a dental hygienist, you have likely told your patients drinking milk helps their teeth grow. Most people know the calcium helps make their bones strong, but many may not be aware the benefits go beyond that, particularly for their teeth. Inform patients about the mineral hydroxyapatite, of which calcium is a major part, since it helps to build up the strength of their enamel. This also goes for casein, a common protein found in dairy products such as cheese. Are your patients consuming food not so healthy for their teeth? Reminding them of the benefits of dairy, in addition to best oral hygiene practices, is a great way to counteract the effects.


Dairy Products - Teeth


High Fiber Food


Many individuals know high fiber food helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and increases good digestion. But they may not be aware of what dental hygienists already know: the benefits they provide teeth. Review how the amount of chewing required to consume fiber-rich food increases the saliva in their mouth, which helps provide some natural cleaning. But make sure your patients do not forget to brush their teeth regularly too!


If your patient is stuck on what food they can consume with a high fiber content, popular suggestions include spinach and other leafy greens, beans, and whole wheat pasta.


Share your extensive oral health knowledge with your patients, and remind them of the effect both good and bad food has on their teeth!

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