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Here is a full listing of our support materials available for dental professionals, and our dealers’ sales and service team members. These materials include a pocket catalog, sell sheets, directions for use, maintenance guides, videos, third party lab testing, and clinical trials.

Sable Catalog     Sable Quarterly Promotions     Bio-Pure Evacuation System Cleaner    High and Slow Speed Handpieces     Small Equipment and Parts     Directions for Use (DFUs)





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Sable Catalog






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Sable Quarterly Promotions


Canadian Quarterly

USA Quarterly






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Bio-Pure Evacuation System Cleaner


Bio-Pure Fact Sheet

Powder Visual DFU

Liquid Visual DFU

Ultrasonic 3-in-1

Common Questions

Powder & Restore Mixing Instructions




Treatments Per Container

Does Your Evac Suck?

Are You Using Too Many Chemicals?

Dental Products Report on Bio-Pure 

Liquid & BPF Mixing Instructions

Bio-Pure Between Patient Flush - SDS

Bio-Pure Liquid  - SDS

Bio-Pure Powder - SDS


Bio-Pure Ultrasonic - SDS


Hungry Microbes 


Amalgam EPA





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High and Slow Speed Handpieces



High Speed Handpiece Sell Sheet

Slow Speed Handpiece Sell Sheet

Handpiece Maintenance Guide - Sable Industries

SDSEZ Lube Aerosol SDS
EZ Lube Liquid
EZ Lube Sell Sheet




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Small Equipment and Parts


Bearing Size Chart

Buck Boost Sell Sheet

Sable Service Tech Bulletin

3 Wire Buck Boost Connection

Canadian Shield Face Shield




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Directions for Use (DFU)


Sable Policy in Regards to Sterilization:

Our products have been tested to ensure they can be sterilized.


We provide Sable’s Directions for Use (DFU) along with the product. If you prefer, you can find electronic copies of these DFU’s (PPIS documents) below. The DFU outlines how to prepare your product for cleaning, maintaining, sterilizing and storage of your product after wards.


Also, you should be aware that no matter what type of sterilizer you choose to use - if it is a maintained sterilizer and all protocols for your particular unit are followed, as well as following the DFU for your Sable product - Sable will honor the warranty defined on the DFU.


Warranty information can also be found on Sable’s website, Sable catalogs, or can be provided while talking with Sable’s Customer Service Representatives.



Product Document Number Current Revision
High Speed Turbines PPIS-1001 Rev-H
Access II & Rotamax II PPIS-1002 Rev-J
Air Motors & Prophy Handpieces PPIS-1004 Rev-M
Slow Speed Heads PPIS-1005 Rev-N
Contra Angles & Nosecones PPIS-1009 Rev-O
Light Control Instructions PPIS-1011 Rev-E
High Speed Couplers PPIS-1017 Rev-J
The Autoscaler PPIS-1015 Rev-A
Autoscaler Inserts PPIS-1021 Rev-D
Access Prophy Clean Hygienist Handpiece PPIS-1027 Rev-B
Access & Rotamax Pro KL & NL Series PPIS-1032 Rev-C
Access S4500KL & Rotamax S6500KL PPIS-1028 Rev-B
Access & Rotamax Pro KL Series PPIS-1033 Rev-A
Statim 2000/5000 Cassette Type Seal PPIS-1034 Rev-A
Midmark M11 Type Door Gasket & Dam PPIS-1035 Rev-A