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Interested In Becoming A Sable Dealer?



If you are interested in becoming a Sable Industries Inc. dealer, please download and complete our Credit Application Form and send it to [email protected] for processing. Once completed in full, our financial team can usually turn the application around in 48 hours.


Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a dealer. We will be in touch with you shortly.





Need to Return Product or Check Warranty?


If you have a Sable product that is damaged or not functioning as it should, please fill out the form below. Our warranty department will be in contact with you about servicing your product!



Return Authorization Request Form

If your Sable product is damaged or not functioning, please fill out this form and we will determine further action to be taken.

* Company Name
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* Address
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* Part Number
Enter your Sable part number
* Serial Number
Enter the serial number found on your component. If there is more than one component, please separate with a comma and list.