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Buying Local? Why Buy From Canadian Dental Suppliers


Home is where the heart is, but is it where your money goes? 


On a macro level, beyond dentistry, how much do Canadian businesses buy local? 


Purchasing domestically has many advantages. It puts money back into the economy, inevitably creating more jobs and offering more opportunities for us and our neighbours to thrive. 


However, some might argue that buying locally is not always business-friendly or financially sound. In your dental practice, you have to mind your margins. There's no avoiding that. As much as you'd love to pour money into the Canadian economy and help domestic or local businesses, doing so must make sense for your oral healthcare-based enterprise.  


But as it turns out–and as we'll discuss here today–buying locally absolutely aligns with running a successful practice.  


From the long-term strategic advantages it offers to efficient business practices and environmental benefits, purchasing from a Canadian dental supplier is superior to overseas options.


1. Competitive Pricing 


People tend to buy dental equipment from overseas mainly because of lower upfront costs. We empathize with practice owners trying to work within a budget and grasp the allure of cheaper parts. 


Nevertheless, we're going to present a different perspective.  


Yes, you might have to pay slightly more upfront for a handpiece from a Canadian dental supplier. That's only one component of the related expenses, however. Dental equipment necessitates weighing its total cost of ownership and overall lifespan. Based on those parameters, purchasing from a Canadian dental supplier is the wisest choice.  


Typically, domestically manufactured handpieces and parts are of vastly higher quality than their overseas counterparts. 


Canadian-manufactured dental products are subjected to rigorous quality control measures heavily scrutinized to meet or exceed industry standards. Thus, Canadian equipment is less prone to breaking down, malfunctioning, and premature wear and tear.  


Additionally, Canadian dental suppliers often sell their products with buyer-friendly warranties.  

They also offer highly responsive customer support. When an issue arises, Canadian dental suppliers typically provide a quick, cost-effective solution under your warranty, mitigating the potential for long-term financial burdens on your practice. 


Since Canadian-supplied equipment operates better, you'll also increase patient satisfaction, helping grow your practice's revenue.  


Best of all? You won't cut into that surge of revenues by paying for continual equipment repairs and replacements, further increasing your profits.  


2. Regulatory Standards 


Strict regulatory standards and rigid quality control measures dictate what Canadian dental suppliers will sell to your practice.  


Any handpiece or part you buy from a reliable domestic supplier will satisfy or outperform industry requirements. Why? Health Canada dictates that any Canadian dental supplier must adhere to its strict regulatory standards, including Medical Device Regulation standards and more.  


Therefore, parts and handpieces undergo comprehensive testing to ensure quality standard adherence. 


Another advantage of buying from a Canadian dental supplier is their tendency to seek FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval. While this makes such products suitable for use in the U.S., it also tells you that they are considered reliable and adhere to the quality standards of two countries–not just one.


Furthermore, a Canadian dental supplier must maintain thorough product records of the following:

  • Quality control processes 
  • Testing results 
  • Manufacturing processes

This documentation makes it easy to demonstrate regulatory compliance as a dental professional. 


Say a quality issue leads to a product recall. In this instance, domestic suppliers can offer traceability information. You can identify affected products immediately and move forward with the appropriate action, offsetting potential costs and liabilities. 


While your practice stands to benefit from rigorously tested Canadian-supplied dental equipment, your patients might reap the most rewards. 


Specifically, high safety standards mean reduced dental procedure complications and snafus. 


3. Shipping Efficiency 


You need your dental equipment to provide patient care with timeliness and efficiency. 


Shipping from Canadian suppliers is far more efficient than ordering dental equipment overseas. Therefore, domestic purchasing of handpieces or parts will reduce downtime because of the streamlined arrival times of replacements. 


Moreover, you'll receive the products from a shorter distance than overseas sources. This usually leads to lower shipping costs, primarily proving valuable when you've ordered bulkier items. 


4. Long-Term Partnerships 


This section involves our ode to the supplier-practice relationship. This copacetic and harmonious partnership bears much fruit for both parties. 


Speaking once more on a macro level, we'll note how these partnerships always prove vital to thriving enterprises. They're the lifeblood of our economy. It's the age-old adage that when you scratch someone's back, they'll scratch yours. 


Sometimes, a long-thriving supplier-practice relationship can lead to favourable pricing due to all the repeat business. 


It's more than just numbers, however. Instead, long-term partnerships with a Canadian dental supplier offer peace of mind and familiarity.  


You'll grow to count on your domestic supplier because of their track record. There will be no guessing games, offsetting the financial risks when switching suppliers continually. 


Perhaps the most significant advantage of a long-term Canadian dental supplier partnership is how your supplier will garner a profound understanding of your practice's needs.  


They'll tailor their solutions based on your purchases, suggesting handpieces and parts aligning with your big-picture objectives, budget, and patient demographics. 


Also, customer service improves as partnerships grow and thrive.  


That isn't to say a Canadian dental supplier won't have excellent service from the offset. They have long-term relationships in mind from the moment you make your first purchase, meaning they'll be responsive with support and dedicated to solving your issues promptly.  


What are the results of this excellent customer service? Decreasing downtime and its associated costs. 


On the off-chance issues or discrepancies arise with a trusted supplier you've developed a relationship with, they'll quickly rectify the situation.  


Since you're a valued client, your domestic supplier won't hesitate to send replacements, offer refunds, or find other solutions to reduce the economic burden of the discrepancy on your practice. 


5. Environmental Considerations 


Dental amalgam, waste management, and other related environmental considerations are increasingly important for Canadian and US-based dental professionals. 


Environmental regulations are a subject with which any trusted Canadian dental supplier is familiar and intimate (insofar as they pertain to the U.S. and Canada).  


Given everything you have on your plate, keeping up with environmental compliance can be challenging.  


Fortunately, a Canadian supplier's expertise on the subject means they can guide and support your environmental compliance efforts with waste management (e.g., amalgam and other hazardous waste disposal). 


Following compliance practices means avoiding penalties for breaches, thus reducing the cost of potential fines and sanctions. 


Plus, many Canadian dental suppliers sell handpieces and parts comprised of eco-friendly coatings or materials to reduce the adverse environmental impact of manufacturing.  


Dental pros with a significant environmental conscience stand to benefit most from these options since they align with sustainability goals.


Canadian Dental Practice Owners: Look No Further Than Your Backyard For Dental Handpieces And Parts.


National pride can be beautiful–primarily as a uniting force. But its benefits for your practice can go beyond heartfelt sentiments and saluting the flag. Buying from a Canadian dental supplier supports your practice's long-term growth and profitability.  


Want to learn more about top-tier, Canadian-supplied dental handpieces and parts? Contact Sable Industries today with your inquiries.

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