Bio-Pure Restore Starter Kits

Guaranteed To Improve Suction Performance!





It is recommended that every dental office starts off with a Restore Starter Kit for best results on a daily basis. Once the restore starter kit is completed, your team can then transition to our liquid or powder maintenance formulas.


Bio-Pure Restore Starter Kits comes in 3 different formulas:

  • End of day powder

  • End of day liquid

  • Between Patient Flush liquid


General Offices

The majority of dental offices should start off with our end of day powder or liquid formulas. And they can also use our Between Patient Flush formula after bloody procedures as needed (optional).


Specialty Offices

Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Periodontists, and Implantologist (etc) on the other hand should start off with our liquid Between Patient Flush formula daily in every Op. at least 1x daily between patients to eliminate the need for end of day cleaning.


1 microbe becomes 10,000,000 in 24 hours, cleaning 24-7



Restore Starter Kits


  • Powder

    • 2801101 - Restore 6 oz Kit includes 6 oz. Restore jar and HVE-SE dispenser (Now featuring a FREE $25 rebate coupon included! Click here for redemption information).


  • Liquid

    • 2801405 - 32 oz. bottle and HVE-SE dispenser


  • Between Patient Flush Liquid

    • 2810206 - 32 oz. bottle and HVE-SE dispenser


For more information on Bio-Pure please visit our Downloads page.