EPA Compliance Plus

Bio-Pure EPA Compliance Plus Software # 2801600



• Have an amalgam separator installed and in good working order for July 14, 2020.

• Use an evacuation cleaner with pH 6-8. As the leading Microbial cleaner Bio-Pure is the most effective way to be EPA Compliant.

• Perform visual checks of the amalgam separator as per manufacturer instructions.
The Hg5 for example must be checked weekly.

• Record these checks including indicating the level of waste materials in the separator for 3 years!

• Complete, sign and send to their local water authority a one-time compliance form attesting to the completion and commitment to the above points.

• Comply to the Amalgam Rule which falls under the EPA clean waters act.

Non compliance can include fines, imprisonment and red tagging of a dental office.

Sable Has The Solution.

EPA Compliance Plus Software.


√ One-time Compliance form:

This form varies between states, cities and authorities making
for a complex filing procedure, the EPA Compliance Plus software will help in ensuring each office the US has and can find the correct forms.

√ Recording checks and keeping records:

As per the Amalgam Rule checks must be
performed weekly in most cases and records kept for 3 years. The easy to use cloud based software takes less than 30 seconds to do weekly.

√ EPA Compliance Plus Software comes with email and text alerts.