Full List of Canadian Dental Supplies


Sable Industries is a leading Canadian dental supplier, distributor and manufacturer of quality dental handpieces and handpiece replacement parts. We are committed to providing the highest-quality tools and consumable products for dentists around North America.  


Whether you need an electric or air driven handpiece, dental handpiece repair parts, ultrasonic scalers, or Bio-Pure evacuation system cleaner, we've got you covered with premium quality products at value-driven pricing.


Sable Dental Handpieces


We offer a wide range of products from high and slow speed handpieces and couplers that provide compatibility with major handpiece brands like KaVo and NSK. All our handpieces are FDA Registered. 




             High Speed

                      Fiber Optic



             Slow Speed


                      Contra Angles


                      Air Motors



                      Prophy Handpiece

                      Lubrication Nozzle


Dental Handpiece Repair Parts


Sable Industries is a leading supplier of high-quality dental handpiece repair parts, as well as parts for dental equipment including autoclaves and dental chairs. Our extensive inventory of high-quality replacement parts will extend the life of your equipment without compromising on performance.



             Handpiece Parts


                      Air Driven



             Equipment Parts 

                      Autoclave Parts

                      Buck & Boost

                      Fiber Optic Handpiece Tubing

                      Light Controls


Dental Equipment


Sable Industries is the exclusive North American supplier of the Autoscaler, a high quality Cavitron replacement. Stronger, more durable and more efficient than ever before.



             Ultrasonic Scaler


Handpiece Lubricant, Evacuation System Cleaner, and Other Consumables


Sable Industries is the go-to Canadian dental supplier for dental professionals who demand quality and performance in their consumables. We are committed to providing you with nothing but the best in handpiece lubricating oil, cleaners, and other consumable products.




                      Restore Starter Kits

                      Maintenance Formulas

              Sable EZ Lube



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