Bio-Pure Evacuation System Cleaner

Guaranteed To Improve Suction Performance!







Bio-Pure is a microbial evacuation system cleaner that continues cleaning between uses 24-7.

It is non-foaming, amalgam separator approved, 100% natural, and eliminates the need for daily hand trap cleaning. Bio-Pure, with its pH balance of 6-8, is compliant with the EPA Amalgam Separator ruling and is 100% eco-friendly.

Bio-Pure can be used at the end of every day, or twice per week; and costs less per use than other brands (Less than $10 USD monthly per Op on maintenance re-orders).

It is completely safe for pipes, plants, animals and people, and can be used anywhere there is organic waste and water (ex. plaster traps, cuspidors, drains, septic, aquariums, etc)




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1 microbe becomes 10,000,000 in 24 hours, cleaning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



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