Sable EZ Lube

Introducing: Sable EZ Lube


Sable Industries is Thrilled to introduce our NEW Lubrication Products


Spray, Dropper & Refill
Handpiece Lubricant and Cleaner

Sable Spray performs 150-250% better in 3rd party testing than the closest leading brands!


Sable Lubricants


Introducing the Finest Handpiece Lubricant Available for Distributors:


Sable Industries Inc. has developed an extremely high viscosity handpiece lubricant, specifically for the unique requirements of pneumatic (air-driven) AND electric driven dental handpieces.



High viscosity means that it will stay in place better when forces are applied against it. That's what you want. It stays where it is put.



Sable EZ Lube is approved for incidental food inclusion by the NSF (The Public Health and Safety Organization), and by Health Canada.


The lubricant has been extensively tested by independent abrasive/lubricant specialist engineers ( in comparison with the top brands available.


Sable EZ Lube Handpiece Lubricant really IS the best for:


Dental Supply Wholesalers

Handpiece Repair shops

Dental Equipment Repair businesses

Dental Supply entities

Institutional buyers or Dental Clinics


Sable EZ Lube Comes in the different and proper 'delivery' containers for the varying requirements applicable to different types of equipment:

60ml specially designed and selected Dropper Bottles: for use in properly metering drops or even smears of lubricant into low-speed motors, straight and contra attachments and heads, clips, reverse rings, axles, crowns, and other interior and exterior parts for PROPER lubrication and maintenance. Practically drip-free with the special nozzle that is used, your handpience maintenance-staff will be very pleased at the control they have with this dropper bottle. And so will the Doctor: no waste or spillage, no mess in the clean-rooms or the operatories. No wasted money.
500ml Aerosol spray cans  with nozzles available for most brands, 3, 4 or 5 hole, or into any handpiece component with the generic nozzle attached with each can. Specifically designed for high-speed handpieces, but useful for contras, straights, heads, and with care low-speed motors as well.
500ml Refills for "Assistina"-type automated handpiece cleaning machines: specifically designed for the lubrication aperture of the machines, (replacing W&H Adec refills, and all similar refills for auto-machines)



Sable EZ Lube - The Product to Increase Efficiency and Handpiece Longevity