The Autoscaler


1900001 - 30K Type

(This product is only available in Canada)



*CAUTION: THE AUTOSCALER should NOT be used on, or near, anyone fitted with a CARDIAC PACE MAKER*



Features & Benefits

  • Precision automatic tuning and water pressure flow regulation
  • Compact metal frame with space saving mounting options (vertical, horizontal, under-mounted)
  • Designed to optimally function with Cavitron tip inserts
  • Linear power control
  • High performance ratings by leading research institutes
  • Hospital grade plug
  • 6 year warranty on circuitry


  • Size: 2.2" H x 8.6" W x 7.9" D, Weight 7 lbs
  • Power Output to Tip: 30-50 watts
  • Current: 0.8 Amps @ 110/120 VAC Fuse 3 AG
  • 35+ years of manufacturing know-how
  • Tips: Accepts corresponding DENTSPLY Cavitron TFI, SLI, FSI and P series insert tips.
  • Air Microswitch Activator (optional): Requires minimum input pressure of 20 psi, and 60 psi city water to function properly.
  • Water Flow and Supply Pressure: 18 cc to 30 cc per min flow from insert tip. Operator adjustable precision pressure regulation. Supply pressure to scaler is 25-60 psi city water input or contained bottle system.



*"Make sure there is water in the handpiece BEFORE inserting the tip." - Page 7, Section 8 - Autoscaler Instructions.*



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