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It’s Time for Your Dental Practice to Engage in Social Media, And Here Are 7 Reasons Why

Any business that wants to thrive in 2021 needs a social media account.

Your dental practice is no exception.

What started out as a way to meet and connect people has grown into a commercial force that has the power to make or break your businesses. It’s as essential to the health of your business as brushing is to your teeth!

Here, we’ll explore 7 reasons why your dental practice needs to use social media.

1. An Affordable Way to Market Your Dental Practice

You aren’t Nike or Wal-Mart, but there's a lot you can learn from them about getting your dental practice noticed! Although they have plenty of money to spend on ads, they still invest a lot of time and energy into creating content for free social media channels.

Sure, you could buy a local television spot or a newspaper ad, but they're more expensive than the zero dollars it costs to open a social media account.

Facebook and Instagram are the current social hubs for people of all ages, with billions of worldwide users. It’s likely that 90%-plus of the people in your community have accounts on one or both of those platforms.

Social media has become the new battleground for businesses thanks to its reach and influence. If you don't use it to attract people to your practice, you're missing out on a huge opportunity.

2. Bring in New Patients and Establish Yourself as a Leading Expert

Social media lets your target audience know you're around. Take it a step further and you can build your reputation as a local expert by providing tips and advice (e.g. which toothpaste is best.)

If you create engaging and informative content, you'll stand out to your target audience as a trustworthy practitioner.

On top of that, you can let people know about specials and prices, which also bring you new clients.

3. Patient Interactions Can Attract New Customers

Responding to comments on your social media posts, particularly shows that you have a good rapport with your patients.

You know who might end up reading those interactions? Prospective patients who are still on the fence. Seeing positive interactions with existing patients might encourage new people to book an appointment.

Having people like your page will not automatically bring new patients to your office, but the ongoing outreach and engagement will. When people continually see their friends interacting with your practice in comment threads, it paints a positive picture and keeps your name top of mind.

Listen out for statements like, “I found you on Facebook,” or, “My friend Karen says you’re great.” It’s a sign that your social media posts are working, and the interactions are reaching a bigger audience.

4. Receive Rave Reviews for Social Proof

Did you know that word-of-mouth leads to $6 trillion in global spending per year? Plus, it’s more effective than paid ads, generating 5 times more sales.

Facebook, for instance, has review sections where your patients can leave you public feedback for all to see.

When it comes to oral health, people are much likelier to put in their due diligence. In fact, 90%-plus of potential patients look through online reviews when selecting a dentist!

5. You Can Measure Your Results

With traditional forms of marketing, like billboards and signs, it’s almost impossible to figure out if campaigns are actually making a difference.

Whereas social media offers an array of tracking tools, both free and paid, that let you know how your posts are performing. You’ll have insights on volume, reach, engagement, and influence, which will help you adjust and fine-tune your messaging.

6. Make Your Practice More Accessible to Everyday People

Even the most kind-hearted dentist might come across as intimidating to patients. After all, it can be hard to feel warm and fuzzy about the person giving you a root canal.

Social media lets you go the extra mile in adding the human touch to your practice.

For example, post photos and videos of you and your staff interacting and having fun with one another. Also, use these visuals to convey your team’s dedication to your patients and their oral health.

You could host an ask-me-anything (AMA) session on your social media account. These lend themselves to more prying questions, letting you show a different, more personal side of yourself.

7. Keeping Ahead of the Competition

Your fiercest competitors will be as successful at social media as they are at dentistry. It’s how they keep attracting new customers.

Therefore, you must find your voice on social media and figure out how to gain a competitive edge.

Even better is if your competition isn’t on social media. You’ll have an enormous leg up just by being consistent with your posts!

You may not have enough time on your hands as a dental professional to give it the attention it deserves, and that's fine. However, this does not mean you should ignore social media marketing and its benefits altogether.

Looking for ideas? Check out Sable Industries Inc. on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You’ll get dental industry news, inspiration, and tips for getting the most out of your favourite dental handpieces and tools.

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